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Scarfing It

June 24, 2010

About a month ago I hit up Old Navy for some inexpensive and fun clothes to wear for the summer. While there, my mother convinced me to get a scarf, because they’re in. She knows this because she saw it on TV, and I don’t know this because I’m completely clueless about most things fashion. Give me a pair of jeans andĀ tee-shirt and I’m good to go. And something green. I have a green Fossil purse and a pair of green Kangaroo sneakers. I don’t know why I’m always attracted to green clothes and accessories, but it’s been that way most of my life. Back to shopping.

I decided to get a scarf that matched a cute little dress I bought. No, I have no pictures, use your imagination. The dress is blue. Oh, hey, I found a pic of it on Old Navy’s website.

Okie Dokie, that’s the dress. I got a scarf that was whitish with some colors on it, like the blue in this dress, purple, and shockingly, green.

For some reason I never thought to actually wear these items of clothing, they just sat in my closet, wondering why I was ignoring them. I’ll tell you why: because if I wore that dress to my office I would turn into a flesh-flavored Ice Pop, and if I wore it at home I would turn into a woman wearing a cat-hair dress. However, last night I finally wore the dress and the scarf. My conclusions:

Pros of a scarf:

  • No need for a necklace
  • I look like I might be living in the year 2010, instead of 1995, the peak of my fashion awareness (yes, I still own a pair of Doc Martens that I bought when I was 15, and a pair I bought when I was 18. You cannot make me get rid of them)
  • Something to entertain myself with when bored
  • Can be used to climb out of a second story building in a pinch


  • Having something tied around your neck, even a light-weight scarf, in this ridiculous heat we’re having, adds about 17 degrees to your body’s temperature
  • Hard to lean forward and eat anything, especially Indian food. I had to turn the scarf around to the back while I ate dinner last night!

All in all, a successful modern fashion experience. Today, though, I’m back in jeans. Just be thankful I left the plaid flannel and Pearl Jam tee-shirt at home.

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