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Polar Bears

June 23, 2010

Hey, I’m blogging. Why haven’t I been blogging lately? Beats me. I guess I’m too busy sweating my butt off in my house and truck that don’t have A/C, freezing my, uh, other parts, off in my office  because the thermostat in the building where I work is clearly controlled by Polar bears, and I’m lazy. And I procrastinate.

Want to know what I learned yesterday? That I can do basic algebra. Why did I, at age 30, figure that out? Because Anthony needs to take a math placement test to sign up for a math class this fall, and I was looking at a practice test he was working on and realized how little I knew, so I got a friend from high school to tutor me in the subject. Over Gchat, no less, because I’m modern like that.

It actually all came back to me as he was explaining it to me. The irony of the situation is that the friend who was teaching me was the boyfriend that prevented me from doing well in math in the first place in high school. Actually, I prevented me from doing well in math in the first place because I preferred to write seven-pages long notes (I’m not kidding) to my best friend during algebra, to talk to my boyfriend at night while I should have been studying said algebra, and I’m lazy. And I procrastinate.

Back to blogging. I even have some pictures on my camera to share on the blog! But I haven’t downloaded them yet. And Ann even took some photos of me and my eggs (that didn’t sound weird) when we went to lunch last weekend. And she sent them to me. And I still have not put them up yet.  But I will.

And really, I’m not lazy. I just haven’t felt like blogging. I’ve been journaling, lifting weights regularly (!), cooking, going and and meeting with friends, and doing lots of stuff. And it’s summer. And I’d rather be fantasizing about a trip to the ocean.

Okay, I’m totally rambling, and my stomach is totally rumbling, so it’s time for some lunch.

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