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Found My Greens

June 6, 2010

Success at the Farmer’s Market yesterday! First I got local, free-range eggs.

I love how eggs from the Farmer’s Market don’t all look exactly the same, like they do when you buy them from the store.


I also found the green I was craving:

This is a bunch of Dinosaur kale, tied with twine. How cute and quaint!

Looks like dinosaur skin? I can’t wait to use it in smoothies and stir fries. In fact, the absolutely adorable woman who sold this stuff to me told me how to make a frittata with this stuff. She was so enthusiastic that I wanted to take her home with me so she could make me something!

On my way out one older gentleman said, “Don’t you want some broccoli or spinach to go with your eggs and kale?” Darn it, he sucked me right in! Not that I’m complaining:

I love fresh produce, it’s so pretty! He didn’t sell me on any spinach because I thought I had plenty, but I should have bought some. Oh well, I just bought a bunch of organic spinach at the store, but next week I’ll buy it locally.

I know I’m going to make a spinach Quiche for Anthony, but I don’t know exactly how I’ll use the rest of the eggs or the greens I got. Believe me, it will be eaten somehow!

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