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Oat Cake Success!

May 25, 2010

Remember the oat cake concoction I made on Sunday? Yesterday morning I took it for a test drive:

Good job on the lighting, Jen!

This is one serving – a quarter of an 8×8 pan, sliced in half so it would heat up more evenly in the microwave. One half had coconut butter on it, the other had almond butter on it.


I love how the coconut butter gets all melty after being heated up!

I also had some local strawberries that I picked up at the Tailgate Market more than a week ago. I froze about a third of the berries, and this morning heated them up to go along with my oat cake.

All together this recipe was definitely a success! It tasted really good. The jury is still out on if it holds me over as long as a regular bowl of oatmeal. I always eat a morning snack, and today I was really hungry by about 10 am (I eat breakfast around 7:30), but that could have been because of my workout before breakfast, it might not have to do with the meal. I have three more portions to try so I can find out, though!

Yesterday I also got to participate in my very own very teeny tiny blogger meet up! While checking out Yoga Pose May I came across this post, and discovered the blogger, Ann, lives about five minutes away from me. We finally got a chance to meet in person when we met at a local cafe for a drink.  Being the sub-par blogger that I am, I took zero pictures. It was fun, though, and it was so nice meeting someone with so many of the same interests as me. Hi, Ann!

Tonight I’m going to this event. I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap, I hope 🙂

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