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All About Coconut

May 22, 2010

Yesterday my friend Amy was doing much better than I expected. She’d had two of her wisdom tooth pulled the day before our visit, and she was actually able to speak, smile, laugh, and did not look at all like a chipmunk. However, she did spend the day before throwing up, as they gave her Percocet and I don’t think popping pills is her strong suit.

I think she really enjoyed our visit, especially because I made us a “Mexican Smoothie”. It’s just as awful wonderful as it sounds. Refried beans, salsa, tomatoes, some Mexican Cheese blend, all put in her sad, sad blender and mushed up into spicy perfection. Or something like that.

After that fiasco, I asked her some “interview” questions. She’s up for a promotion at work, and I wanted to help prepare her for the interview process. I don’t think I helped at all, considering most of my questions involved sparkly unicorns, her current hairstyle, and a bag full of cat treats (don’t both asking, I doubt you can appreciate the subtle nuances of my crazy humor). She did laugh, though, and maybe that will give her the edge in getting the job. I hope she gets it, because she promised she’d pay for our first round of beers and buy me a pony because she’ll me making so much money. (Amy, you can’t remember promising to buy me a pony because you were still heavily medicated yesterday. I swear it happened.)

After the interview we went to some awesome co-op in the town where she lives. Unfortunately, Amy lives about an hour away from me, which means this lovely little store also is about an hour away from me. While there I bought three things, all of which involved coconut.

There was much more in this bag, but I didn't take a picture of it!

Wow, this picture looks professional! I am so talented. Or perhaps I stole it from the website.

I did not actually buy a coconut cut in half and filled with coconut cream ice cream. That option was not available, unfortunately.

I bought the straight up coconut because I’ve been wanting to make coconut butter since I’ve seen it popping up around blogworld, I bought the blueberry coconut yogurt because I was planning on making vegan blueberry yogurt pancakes for breakfast this morning and I think I’ve been consuming too much soy so I didn’t want soy yogurt, and I bought the fake ice cream just because I felt like it.

So today I made said coconut butter. I’m glad I have a Vitamix, because I’m not sure most of your every day household appliances could handle the job. I know the coffee machine would have totally choked.

I really should have taken a picture of the process of the making of the coconut butter, and what it looked like when I was done, but instead I have this lame shot that I took after the finished product had been sitting in my fridge, and it’s hard as a rock.

Looks like lard, no?

It’s absolutely delicious. To really enjoy it, it’s got to be heated up, at which point it is just as smooth and creamy as the icing on a Cinnabon. Yum. I put some on the aforementioned blueberry pancakes this morning. Love.

My life today has involved coconut in more ways than one:

Maybe she thought I was going to put her in the Vitamix, too?

I was doing some cleaning today, which is my bed has no sheets and my pillows and comforter are on the floor. Thankfully, they served as a hiding place for Coconut when I turned on the vacuum. She’s a chicken, what can I say? She was actually so well hidden that for about 45 minutes I had no idea where she was. She didn’t come out until I pet her – and at this point the vacuum had been off for an hour!

Nola is also scared to death of the vacuum cleaner, thunder, and low-flying aircraft, but she was outside at the time. Now she’s sitting on my lap, though, and kinda pissed that I don’t have any pictures of her up. Next time, Nola, next time.

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  1. May 22, 2010 7:30 pm

    You can buy the Purely Decadent ice cream at Ingles…

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