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The Other Woman

May 12, 2010

Two days ago I got home from the gym in the morning to find Anthony in bed with another woman. A furry, four-legged woman.

It’s not like I haven’t found them together before. In fact, most of the time Coconut is actually under the covers with him, snuggled up against is back or belly. And Anthony told me he was a dog person.

He may have warmed up to cats, but he hates it when Nola does this:

Which is why we keep it a secret. As you can see, the water is on. She did not turn it on herself, as you may have guessed. Nope, I’m the guilty party here. Nola has some weird clairvoyant sense of when I will be in the bathroom. Often I go in at night and the lights are out, but the nightlight on her casts an eerie shadow on the shower curtain that makes me jump.

I know cats need to drink plenty of water but often don’t get enough, so I figure if she wants to drink the water out of the bathroom sink, why should I stop her?

Tonight I get to see my friend Amy!! She just got back from Italy a week ago (and she sent me a postcard with the Pope on it while she was away because she knows how much I love organized religion) and I can’t wait to hear about her trip!

Tomorrow I’m going to write about yesterday’s post, and how I have decided to take my own advice and listen to what I want.
Later Gators. Yes, I still say cheesy things like that.

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