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One Bad Smoothie

May 6, 2010

Since I set a goal of blogging every single day in May, here I am. Proof that setting goals and telling others about them can actually be motivating, because if I hadn’t set that goal and put it out into the Interwebs, I probably wouldn’t be blogging right now.

I just threw half a smoothie away. I never do that, but this was the worst smoothie ever. Being that I can still barely chew (I bit my cheek a few days ago and now it’s swollen and ouchy), I thought something smooth and creamy would be good for dinner – especially because it took me more than 45 minutes to eat my leftover half a veggie burrito at lunch today, since it hurt so much to chew. My usual smoothies are 1/2 or whole frozen banana, cold water or maybe milk alternative, cinnamon, spinach or kale, and some kind of nut butter. Tonight I thought I’d throw in part of an avocado, as I had one that mostly went into Anthony’s dinner and was on its last legs. I also blended in some cooked brown rice for some extra bulk, which I’ve done before and always like.

Big mistake.

I’ve heard of adding avocados to add creaminess to items, but this just tasted off to me. It tasted too…heavy or something. I kept trying to like it, because we have practically no veggies in the house and the last of the spinach had just gone into the Vitamix. I had the brilliant idea to melt some dark chocolate and add it in. Did I say brilliant? Terrible move. I won’t even go into details, other than the whole concoction is now in the trash and I’m trying to dissolve the leftover potato wedges I made for Anthony’s dinner instead of chewing them. It’s kind of working.

Not being able to eat well sucks. I am reminded vaguely of some thing I heard some time (continuing with the vague theme here) about something in Buddhism relating to appreciating all the things that feel good in us, because something as small as a hurt pinkie, a paper cut, or bitten cheek really, really affect our lives. When my cheek heals I am going to be so appreciative of the ability to chew properly, but in all honesty that feeling will probably wear off in two or three days. I should really be spending time noticing how great my feet feel, and how good my elbows feel, and how it’s so great that my calf muscles are in tip-top shape, you know?

What can you appreciate today that you normally take for granted?

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