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My Action Plan, May Goals

May 2, 2010

Yesterday I blogged about my goals for the month of May. Today I’m going to tell you how I plan on tackling them.

Career Goals

  • Blog every day My Action Plan: I’ve already started a list of potential blog post ideas, in case my well of creativity runs dry. I plan on keeping Mondays “Mindful Mondays”, which creates a built-in topic. I also plan on taking pictures of everything I make that’s been created by my brain so I can have a stockpile of recipe posts available.
  • By the second half of May average 3 comments per day on my blog (um, if you’re reading this you can help me with that goal! Leave me a comment, pretty please!) My Action Plan: Continue doing what I’m doing, which is commenting like crazy on other websites and posting regularly. Also begging might help.
  • Completely update my coaching website to reflect wellness coaching goals and objectives My Action Plan: I’ve already started working on my website, and I believe my motivation and excitement over the project will keep me going. If not, I’ll have to come up with some butt-kicking techniques to use mid-month.
  • Advertise my services somewhere locally (WNC Woman?) My Action Plan: This one’s easy if I’m willing to part with some money. I need to research the best advertising route and take the plunge. 
  • Get new business cards! My Action Plan: I’m already on top of this one and will be able to check it off ASAP!

Personal Goals

  • Find a class or something to do so I’m out of the house at least one night per week (yoga, Zumba, community college class?) My Action Plan: This one might be tough for me, because I have trouble joining things sometimes. However, I’m dedicated to finding more ways to get out of the house. My plan is to make a list of all the possible things I could do and then, well, take action.
  • Stay on top of laundry and cat box (not literally, because that would look funny) My Action Plan: I put this on here because although my laundry gets cleaned and folded regularly, it often sits in the bedroom, in the basket, not put away. Same with the cat box, except it’s never cleaned and folded or in the bedroom, it simply isn’t getting done every single day as it should be. I am going to set aside a time every day, ten minutes after work Monday through Thursday, ten minutes before breakfast Friday through Sunday, to make certain I get these tasks completed and they become habit.
  • Do something creative at least once per week – take pictures, make vision boards, draw, etc My Action Plan: I’m going to pick a day of the week and time, setting aside 30 – 60 minutes, and I’m going to do something artistic, dagnabbit. What day? Saturday. From 10 am to 11 am. Maybe.
  • Write in yellow notebook every day (This is where I write down my vision of the life I am dreaming of in order to create positive energy around it.) My Action Plan: I’m getting good at this already, but want to do it every single day for the whole month of May. The benefits are great, so I am just going to do it!

Health and Wellness Goals

  • Strength train 20 minutes 3x per week My Action Plan: Ugh, I struggle to keep up with consistent strength training. I’m going to set aside the 20 minutes Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. I think I’ll look for a book at the library that can offer me some new moves that I can do at home, or an issue of a fitness or health magazine for inspiration.
  • Cardio 5x per week My Action Plan Gotta put something on the list that’s a lock! I love cardio and probably do it at least six times a week come rain or shine!
  • Practice Eating Mindfully (Like honoring my food and the other tips I’ll be sharing on the blog.) My Action Plan: Keep doing what I’m doing with honoring my food and adding another mindful eating step each week, building up to a complete mindfulness while eating.
  • Practice Eating Intuitively (I’ll discuss this sometime if I remember to. Basically, I get sucked into wanting to eat healthy all the time and feel guilty if I don’t eat broccoli and spinach and kale and flax seeds at every single meal, but I’m trying to let that attitude go by the wayside.) My Action Plan: My life is about helping others live a better life, and if I’m not taking my own advice, something is wrong. I know eating intuitively (where you eat when hungry, stop when full, and eat exactly what you desire, without labeling it “good” or “bad”) is the way to go in order to have the healthiest possible relationship with food. I’ve been working on this already, and just plan to remind myself it’s okay to eat oatmeal for dinner if I want to, and that leafy greens do not have to be a part of every single meal, or even every single day.

Well, my goals are out there now! A few tips for your own goal-setting:

  • Pick goals that excite you, not goals you think you should be doing. If it doesn’t get your heart rate up, don’t write it down!
  • Make your goals relatively easy to accomplish. You want some challenge, but if your goals are super lofty (train for an Ironman triathlon in three weeks?) And then you might give up goal-setting forever, which would be very sad, indeed
  • Tell someone about your goals! Write it on your blog, tell your best friend, tell your partner. This not only helps keep up your enthusiasm for accomplishing wonderful things, but it helps hold you accountable. When your coworker asks how the rocket ship building is going, you want to tell her, “great, thanks”, not “um…I love my futon”.
  • Set goals for various areas of your life. Perhaps you want to improve your relationship with your friends or loved ones, but you also want to lower your resting heart rate and learn to bake bread. Pick goals from more than one area in your for maximum satisfaction.

Well, it barely rained at all yesterday! I did end up doing a little reading, but I did more cleaning and cooking type stuff. And this morning I’m up way early again, thanks to the furry creatures who reside in my home. Anyone else have cats that are waking them up extra early now that the sun is coming up earlier and earlier? Sigh. So much for sleeping in on the weekend!

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  1. May 2, 2010 12:05 pm

    Well here’s a comment 😀

    I love that you’ve got action plans to go with your goals. That’s something I often forget to think about: how am I going to implement this?

    And I’m totally going to follow your example with the strength training part 😉


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