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New Month: New Goals

May 1, 2010

I recently wrote about some goals I wanted to achieve. Now that it’s a new month, it feels like a good time to set some new goals!

I love, love, love goal setting. I feel a renewed sense of energy around them when I keep them updated, and it’s so satisfying to look back and check off the things I’ve achieved.

Here are my goals for May 2010:

Career Goals

  • Blog every day
  • By the second half of May average 3 comments per day on my blog (um, if you’re reading this you can help me with that goal! Leave me a comment, pretty please!)
  • Completely update my coaching website to reflect wellness coaching goals and objectives
  • Advertise my services somewhere locally (WNC Woman?)
  • Get new business cards!

Personal Goals

  • Find a class or something to do so I’m out of the house at least one night per week (yoga, Zumba, community college class?)
  • Stay on top of laundry and cat box (not literally, because that would look funny)
  • Do something creative at least once per week – take pictures, make vision boards, draw, etc
  • Write in yellow notebook every day (This is where I write down my vision of the life I am dreaming of in order to create positive energy around it.)

Health and Wellness Goals

  • Strength train 20 minutes 3x per week
  • Cardio 5x per week
  • Practice Eating Mindfully (Like honoring my food and the other tips I’ll be sharing on the blog.)
  • Practice Eating Intuitively (I’ll discuss this sometime if I remember to. Basically, I get sucked into wanting to eat healthy all the time and feel guilty if I don’t eat broccoli and spinach and kale and flax seeds at every single meal, but I’m trying to let that attitude go by the wayside.)

Well, my goals are out there now! A few tips for your own goal-setting:

  • Pick goals that excite you, not goals you think you should be doing. If it doesn’t get your heart rate up, don’t write it down!
  • Make your goals relatively easy to accomplish. You want some challenge, but if your goals are super lofty (train for an Ironman triathlon in three weeks?) And then you might give up goal-setting forever, which would be very sad, indeed
  • Tell someone about your goals! Write it on your blog, tell your best friend, tell your partner. This not only helps keep up your enthusiasm for accomplishing wonderful things, but it helps hold you accountable. When your coworker asks how the rocket ship building is going, you want to tell her, “great, thanks”, not “um…I love my futon”.
  • Set goals for various areas of your life. Perhaps you want to improve your relationship with your friends or loved ones, but you also want to lower your resting heart rate and learn to bake bread. Pick goals from more than one area in your for maximum satisfaction.

Check back with me tomorrow to see how I plan on taking care of business and getting all of these goals completed!

What goals have you recently set for yourself? What do you do to keep up with your accomplishments?

Today looks like it’s going to be a kind of rainy and cloudy Saturday, but that’s okay because I have a HUGE stack of books to read! I was inspired by Jenna’s recent reading fit and now have a few of the books she recommended and more. Anthony is painting our living room, so I might as well curl up in the bedroom with a stack of books, right?

P.S. Come back later for beautiful flower pictures that I took yesterday at Biltmore Estate.

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  1. May 1, 2010 2:11 pm

    Good luck with your goals this month! BTW I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love the recipes. I can’t wait to make the ‘Weird Chocolate Things” from the other day.

  2. Katherine: What About Summer? permalink
    May 1, 2010 4:49 pm

    This is so great! setting goals is such an important part of life. I feel like I need to get some together…

  3. May 1, 2010 5:41 pm

    I really need to get on the program and do more strength training. I just SO don’t enjoy doing it!!! I think that’s why I hurt my knee actually too 😦


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