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Halfway Done With A Random Challenge

April 16, 2010

Today is the halfway point of my muscle-increasing-green-pantsing challenge.

The total time on the challenge is 50 days, which is sort of random, but my county offered a 24 punch card that is good for use at a number of local gyms for only 10 bucks, and the last date they’re good is on May 11th. So I just kinda worked the challenge to fall between when I finished my half marathon and the last date I could use the punch card/gym(s).

I love a challenge, having a goal, and having an end point. It’s easier for me to stick to things when I know they’re going to end sometime and know I can plan a fun, new goal for myself when the time is right.

Strength Training:

My first goal is to improve my strength and, let’s tell the truth here, my mad muscle tone. In other words: who cares if I can lift that heavy thing over there, the important thing is that my arms look decent in a tank top. Okay, I do want to be stronger, because it’s embarrassing that I can’t do push ups. Nola watches me and I swear she’s laughing…

So. In 25 days have I seen any improvements? Have I had time to see any improvements??? I’d say yes. I can see and feel that my biceps have added some bulk. Which is fine, because there really was no bulk at all. Maybe I should use the word “shape”. My triceps are more noticeable, too. I can feel that I am stronger now than three and a half weeks ago when started I doing the Cathe Friedriche Muscle Endurance DVD. I’ve noticed more definition in my upper body than lower, probably because my lower body was already pretty muscular. And I don’t stand in front of the mirror flexing my thighs, possibly because I’d have to stand on the toilet in the bathroom to see my thighs since the mirror is above the sink.

I think my abs are stronger, too, and my stomach seems a little bit flatter.

I’m looking forward to continuing to gain strength and definition, and when this challenge is over I’ll definitely come up with another goal relating to how often I want to strength train. I want to keep it up!

Green Pantsing:

My second goal is to get closer to fitting into a way cool pair of green pants that I own. As I said when I started the challenge, they can be put on and zipped up, but they’re too tight! When I tried them on this morning they still weren’t something I’d wear in public, but they seemed to fit better. I could be making that up. Honestly, this goal isn’t the main crux of what I’m trying to achieve, but something that I hope to accomplish sometime over this year.

I would probably have a better idea about if they were genuinely fitting better if I’d taken some sort of measurements, but I don’t own a flexible measuring tape and I always end up trying to take measurements with a piece of yarn from my craft closet, and yarn is not appropriate for measuring one’s rear. It just isn’t.

Other Stuff:

Today my mom and I are going here. In case your clicking finger was too worn out to find out where we’re going, I’ll just tell you: Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. We live near Biltmore but have only been once before, because that’s how we roll. The reason we’re going today is that the tulip garden is currently in full swing, I believe they have 100,000 tulips?!?!?

You know what this is perfect for? Getting me to work on my goal of learning to use the camera! I love when things work out. And I will even figure out how to post pictures, too!

Have a great Friday!

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  1. April 18, 2010 11:16 am

    So cool that you get that pass for just $10!!! I’d love it if they did that here, I’d definitely take advantage of it 😀

    And great job on all your hard work! Whenever I skip a few strength work outs i can definitely feel my arms slowly revert to flab, but then again as soon I start doing them again I notice very soon that everything gets a lot more toned and defined!

    The Biltmore House looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see all the pics 🙂

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