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No More, My Friends, No More!

April 14, 2010

The chocolate gnocchi I wrote about a couple of days are quite delicious. I found that boiling them, as opposed to cooking them up on a hot skillet, makes the chocolate flavor pop more. But they’re totally healthy, right? Whole wheat flour, sweet potato, and cocoa? Yum!

Again, I have no picture to share. Why? Because I’m a chicken.

I was thinking about why I haven’t figured out how to use the new camera Anthony bought yet, and it’s because I get overwhelmed as soon as I think about it, and don’t bother to try anymore. No more, my friends, no more!

I am not afraid of technology. Other than ear buds, which never, ever stay in my ears when I’m running, no matter how hard I cram them into my poor, apparently misshapen ear holes. However, the camera A got has more bells and whistles than the camera we used to have. And the camera we used to have was “mine”. In other words, I had the camera before I had Anthony, so though he used it regularly, I still felt ownership. He bought this new camera for us, but I feel like it’s “his”. He has assured me many times this is not the case.

I guess I’m still worried, though: He puts up with cat hair in his gnocchi, but I doubt he’d put up with gnocchi on his camera. Which means if I take photos of what I’m cooking I have to be neat and tidy when using the camera. And I have to figure out the settings. And I have to figure out how to get them onto the computer.

When he got the new camera, it came with new software for downloading the pics, and I was used to the old software. I’m great with computers, though, I can do this!

Caitlin just wrote a post about goal-setting, and it has inspired me to talk about my own goals, which I’ve been working on and now also include learning how to use the camera at least enough to put a picture up on my blog once in a while.

I’m a big believer in WRITING DOWN MY GOALS. And I also believe you should do the same. It is so very satisfying to look back on them and see that you’ve accomplished them.

Goat Goal One: Learn how to use the camera, download the pictures, and put more pics up on my blog.

When I plan on doing this: By April 30th, 2010

How I plan on gettin’ er done:

  • Ask Anthony for a lesson in taking photos and getting them downloaded to the proper folder (by Sunday, April 18th)
  • Practicing taking photos of stuff, pertinent to the blog or otherwise (by Friday, April 23, 2010)
  • Putting pictures in at least one blog post per week by the end of April, and more so after that

See? Oh, you can’t see me, I hope, ’cause that would be weird, but I’m totally excited already! I broke it down into smaller goals that don’t overwhelm me. Ready for goal two?

Goal Two: Get my blog and website and coaching business to reflect my true passion, which is coaching on wellness (eating well, exercise, living mindfully)

When I plan on doing this: AHHHH! It’s already too big of chunk to pick one date to have it done by. If you ever get that reaction when you pick a goal, it’s good to know you can really, really break it down. Follow my lead:

  • Get blog to reflect my interests by April 26th, 2010
  • Fix website to reflect my interests by May 3rd, 2010
  • Starting brainstorming best ways to get my coaching business and clients to reflect these changes and set new goals during the month of May, 2010

How I plan on doing this without making myself crazy:

  • Start with the blog stuff first. I really just need to update some items on my about me page, add some different pages about my views on wellness, and I’m good to go. I guess the real goal is to start blogging more often about my views and abilities and then to set even more goals. But not today, my friends.
  • Finish typing up new website content. I started this the other day in a fit of some sort, perhaps it was enthusiasm, or it could have just been breakfast. I want my website to explode with the energy I have for helping others feel good. Yes I don’t want to get oatmeal all over the screen trying. I can definitely get this done by May 3rd.
  • Once those two things are up and running I’ll brainstorm more ways to get my business and clients to reflect my desires and passions. I already am regularly writing down how I see my business, even though it’s not quite there yet. I figure by May I’ll be ready to put some of that in action. Never underestimate the power of dreaming big about your potential life, and feeling really excited about it! That excitement and honing in on what you want is how you draw your new life to you.

As for me, I better get busy!


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