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Oh Yes I Did

April 12, 2010

I want to blog more, I really do. I want to take more pictures of the delicious things I cook, too. Part of my lack of doing that is that I do not completely understand the new camera Anthony bought for us a couple of months ago, not that I’ve tried very hard to do so!

I usually spend a chunk of time every single weekend preparing stuff for the week. Chopping, baking, boiling, picking cat hair out of things. (Really not kidding about that…last week Anthony was pulling frozen potato gnocchi out of the freezer bag and he said, “there’s Coco hair on this piece!” Whoops.) This weekend was no exception! I made over 200 potato gnocchi for Anthony since he plows through them, cat hair or not. I made about 100 sweet potato gnocchi and I also made some chocolate sweet potato gnocchi! Oh yes I did.

Here’s what I do:

  • Cook the suckers. By suckers I mean potatoes. Sweet or White. I bake them until they’re done. I’m pretty sure you can figure that part out on your own.
  • Open ’em up and let them cool down a bit, maybe for five or ten minutes. Not too much. Scoop out the goods and put them in a bowl. I like to save the skins and put them back in a hot oven with a little salt, they get nice and crispy 🙂
  • Pour a bunch of flour over the potatoes. I know, good directions, right? First of all, I always use King Arthur’s White Whole Wheat flour because it’s whole grain and tasty. I don’t use regular white flour, and I think whole wheat pastry flour also would work well. When I make regular potato gnocchi I also add some salt and pepper to the mix, when I make sweet potato gnocchi I add a bunch of cinnamon. The reason I am not giving an amount on the flour is that you just kind of have to work the flour into the dough and see if you have enough.
  • Work the flour in to the potatoes. You should be able to come up with a reasonable dough that’s not sticky and can be balled up and thrown at people. But don’t do that part. I am the least exact cook on the planet, so I can’t tell you how long this takes. Sometimes I let the dough rest for ten minutes to make it a little more workable.
  • Roll out the dough on a floured counter top. You want to roll it out into a long snake shape. Or maybe you don’t, what do I know? The problem is, if you don’t roll it out you can’t finish making these bad boys, and you’re just going to have a big ball of dough sitting on your counter, gather dust and other various substances, for the rest of the day. So roll out the dough, yes?
  • Once it’s about as thick as your finger(ish), cut it into pieces maybe an inch wide. Make some fork marks on it, if you feel like it. After I made Anthony’s 200+ potato gnocchi this weekend the last damn thing I felt like doing was putting fork marks in my sweet potato gnocchi. They taste just as good without them.
  • At this point you can stick the gnocchi on a tray in the freezer and, once they’re frozen, put them in a freezer safe container until you’re ready to cook them.
  • Or you can cook them now. Either boil them until they float to the top of cook ’em in a frying pan. I pan fry mine on a hot non skillet pan with no oil, Anthony likes his cooked in olive oil and garlic. Same thing goes whether they’re fresh or frozen.
  • How did I make the chocolate gnocchi? I subbed out some of the flour with cocoa powder. These puppies are DARK. I dig really dark chocolate, and the sweet potato does sweeten up the cocoa powder a bit. You could add in some sugar or maple syrup, I would think, if you wanted them sweeter. If you wanted them in a sweater I’m not sure what you would do. I haven’t tasted these yet, but am going to shortly. I think they’re going to be delicious. (Oh, I ate one teeny piece of the dough before they were cooked, that’s how I know how deep and dark they are.)

In other news: I’ve been eating a completely vegan diet for about 13 days now. It wasn’t really on purpose…I often eat close to vegan anyways, but between reading The Engine 2 Diet and continuing to read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Living, all signs pointed to yes. And by “yes” I mean “vegan”. I’ve always thought my “ideal” self would eat a vegan diet, but I get caught up in what to eat when I go out, what other people will think, etc.

I’m not officially declaring myself vegan, but at the moment I can’t think of a single good reason to eat eggs or cheese. Also, my skin looks pretty decent for me. I’ve struggled with rosacea for the last couple of years and the dermatologist’s solution is always to load me up on antibiotics. They work somewhat, but I hate taking meds, so I stopped taking them. I should say that I’m eating a pretty clean vegan diet, with rare added sugar and lots of greens and whole grains. I’m going to see if my skin continues to improve, because that would be awesome.

I forgot to say I also cooked Macaroni and Not Cheese from the Engine 2 Diet this weekend. Actually, what I made should be called “Not Macaroni and Not Cheese”, because I used whole wheat rotini, not macaroni. Anyways, the recipe is in the book and the “not cheese” sauce involves cashews and spices and roasted red peppers and lots of other delicious stuff, but it was super easy and delicious. I made some for me and some for my mom, who shared it with my definitely-not-vegan-OR-vegetarian step dad, and they both enjoyed it. I love healthy food! (Can you tell eating this way is giving me lots of energy, too?)

If only I had pictures of all of these things, this blog post would be so much more fun to look at! I’ll work on that.

Time for coco-gnoco.

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  1. April 12, 2010 4:55 pm

    Good grief, as if gnocchi weren’t already delicious enough, you put CHOCOLATE in it! Brilliant.

  2. April 13, 2010 10:06 am

    I’d love to see pics that’s for sure! 😀

    The second I declared myself a vegetarian, it was out the window. So I don’t label myself anymore. I eat MOSTLY vegetarian but still enjoy meat once in a while 😉

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