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New Gym, VPL, Take It Slow

March 24, 2010


Yesterday I went to a new gym. I’m not breaking up with my old gym, it’s just that New Gym always looked so big and sparkly, and the county where I live is running an awesome promotion wherein the user purchases a 24-punch card to use at a number of local gyms (including New Gym) for only 10 Dollars!!! Impossible to pass up. NG is ridiculously expensive, which is why I’ve been hanging with Old Gym for the past three and a half years. Also, it’s familiar and I don’t feel like everyone’s looking at my butt. Which is how I felt last night at NG.
Let me back up (lol). I joined OG in the fall of 2006 hoping to keep up my cardio over the winter and to maybe meet a guy. I then met my current (and permanent, I hope) love about 10 days later. Through friends. Far, far away from the gym. For free. But that is another story. Anywho, I usually joined Old Gym over the winter to keep up my cardio when it was too dang cold to be outside. Since last October it’s been a very, very close friend of mine, as I was half marathon training (recap here) and this was the WORST.WINTER.EVER. I really couldn’t run outside for fear of falling over a downed electric wire, tree, frozen squirrel, other person who had already fallen down, etc.
Where was I going with this story? Oh, right, New Gym. Anthony and I hit it last night after work. It was c-c-crowded! Apparently it’s where all the fancy people go (all the old people go to my usual place). (Which I like, please do not write me angry letters.) There were rows upon rows of cardio machines crammed into once space, an indoor track, weight room, loud Zumba class going on, stretching area, raquetball courts, etc. When I was on the elliptical I felt really self concious because a)it is different than the elliptical at OG and I had to read the directions to get it started and I don’t read well under pressure and b)with all the rows and rows of equipment behind me, my behind was exposed. You know, not literally, but I had VPL (Visible Panty Line) and wanted to adjust and I couldn’t for fear the peeps on the treadmill behind me would snicker, causing me to blush and lose concentration, therefore falling off my machine in front of everyone. See? I have an active imagination.
However, Sweetie Pie really, really liked the new gym, and we never get to go together, so for the next several weeks it will be nice to have a gym buddy after work a couple days a week.
In other fitness news, I’ve actually been enjoying strength training. I’ve tried for years to motivate myself to keep up an active plan, but I always fall short. Here are the reasons why:
It’s boring.
It’s time consuming.
It hurts
It’s boring.
I am a wuss
It hurts.
Yes, I said a few of those twice. However, I have this great Cathe Friedrich weight DVD that I have used in the past but I always got burned out really, really quickly. This time, however, I’m breaking up my days into upper body or lower body and abs, which seems to help. Each session ends up only being about half an hour (instead of an hour or more when I did them all together) plus I can actually do most of the abs workout due to the fact that I’m not close to death (like I was when I did the full body program). The other great thing is that having someone there with me (even if she’s in the TV) makes me work harder. When I just say, “Jen, do some bicep curls”, I do like 10 and stop. Okay, you caught me, I do about 4 and a half and then go in the other room and wash dishes. Yes, I’d rather wash dishes than lift weights.
But this time it’s different. Which just proves that when it comes to living a healthier life, physically, mentally, spiritually, and chocolatey, TAKE IT SLOW.
  • Add ONE thing at a time. Eat more broccoli this week and start walking next week (and keep eating the broccoli, at the same time if you want to), and next week get crazy and add some pushups or kale or meditation. Just keep adding little things into your life and it will feel easy as pie. And you can still eat pie, too, just keep it to a single serving, not the whole pie.
  • KEEP trying. If you hate walking, try running. If you hate running, try hiking. If you like hiking but are afraid of bears, try yoga. If you like yoga but are afraid of the other students, try Zumba. TRY, TRY, TRY! Eventually it will stick, like cat hair to every single piece of clothing and cooking utensil I own. You will eventually get to a point where you crave exercise. Stop laughing. Seriously, it will happen. I cannot imagine my life without exercise! Yes, I can, and it would involve way too many cats and cheese enchiladas for my own good.
  • Remember you’re ADDING to your life experience, not taking it away! Keep that in mind. Eating well can be incredibly enjoyable. Exercising can be incredibly enjoyable. Practicing mindfullness and intutive eating and prayer and peace is incredibly rewarding. By making these changes you are giving to yourself, not taking away. By making these changes you are adding joy, not subtracting TV time. Think about what you’re giving yourself.

That’s it, I’m done now. Just wanted to check in and say hi. I swear I’m going to get better about adding pics to my posts, but I’m still working on figuring out that magical box thing!

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  1. March 24, 2010 9:41 pm

    VPL (Visible Panty Line)

    you crack me up!


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