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March 22, 2010

I did it. Sort of.

Originally my goal was to finish my half marathon in 2:10:00. Honestly, as my training went on (or didn’t go on at all, CaliforniavacationIholdyouresponsible), I was thinking I’d be happy if I finished the half in under 2:15:00.

2:11:28! Bam! I know that’s not that impressive to some people…in fact, the first person to finish the FULL marathon that was going on at the same time whizzed by me just before I hit the final stretch, but man, I was really happy with that time.

  • Mile One:Holy mackerel there were lots of people! The last time I ran a race it was locally and 126 people participated. This race had 18,000 half and full marathoners. I felt stuck and slow, but it was probably good to start out this way. The first mile took about 10:35. I was way behind!
  • Mile Two:Still pretty slow, still pretty crowded, but felt great. Finished mile two around 20:20 or so. Did I mention the sun wasn’t up yet?
  • Mile Three:I don’t remember much from this mile, but I do know that when I hit the 3rd mile marker I came in at 29:40 and that I was now on track!
  • Miles Four through Six:I felt really good. I came in every mile in a time that had me running faster than a 10:00 minute mile pace. The sun started to come up, and although it was cloudy and cool, that was nice. There were still people everywhere, but it was starting to break up.
  • Miles Six through Nine:I still felt amazingly good, even though there were some hills and such. When someone said we half marathoners hit the half way mark, my watch read 1:03:something, I was doing really well. Something about running in a crowd, plus the adrenaline and the music and spectators really made a different compared to my training runs.
  • Mile 10:I was getting pretty tired. I took a walk break (I had taken some short ones earlier, too). I thought I only had three miles to go, but I realized it was four, as I hadn’t reached ten yet. I was tired.
  • Mile 11:I kept repeating, “I can run three miles in my sleep, I can run three miles in my sleep.”
  • Mile 12:I kept repeating, “I can run two miles drunk, I can run two miles drunk.” Don’t ask. Also, there was a guy in front of me who was probably 70, and I figured I could at least try to stay up with him. Honestly, I was freaking tired. There were more damn hills and my legs did not want to move fast. I hit mile 12 at 11:59:and some change, and I knew making it under 2:10:00 probably wasn’t in the cards. And I was okay with that.
  • The last 1.1:Ugh! I knew it was almost over, there were people yelling, telling us it was almost over, but I was slloooooowwwww! I didn’t stop, but I didn’t run fast. When I came around the corner and saw the finish line I was beaming like an idiot! I crossed the finish line when the clock said something more like 2:16 or 2:17, but I had a late start because there were so many people. On the website (and my own watch) my official time was the aforementioned 2:11:28. Wahoo!

Anthony actually took a pic of me just before I crossed the finish line, and a couple of pictures of me sweaty and medaled. However, the pictures are trapped on the little magical box that is his new camera, and though I’m normally pretty tech savvy, it’s not even six in the morning and I have no idea how to transfer the photos to the computer other than hoping that the magical box can read my mind. Which apparently it can’t. So those pictures will be coming soon!

What’s Next?

I am finding that goals in the land of fitness make it so much more fun! Which is why I need to have new goals in place to keep me motivated. I definitely plan to continue running, but shorter distances: I don’t see me racing in anything longer than a 10k, ever! (Although I feel pretty darn good today, considering).

My new goal consists of adding muscle and fitting into a pair of green pants that I own.

Muscle: From what I understand, we start losing our muscle mass when we hit 30, which I turned last November. My legs are strong, but I really, really could use some help with my upper body, and I don’t want to lose the strength I’ve gained running. My goal is to add some muscle mass and tone all over, mostly by adding regular strength training to my routine. I’m doing a 7 week plan, because that’s how long I have a gym membership for, and because I need to have deadlines to get myself motivated.

Green Pants: So I am not one to hold to clothes that don’t fit/are ugly/have holes in them/are orange, but I have this one pair of green pants that I love, love, love. I can put them on. I can zip them. I can’t leave the house in them, though. They fit, but not really, know what I mean? I’d like that to change. I hate weighing myself because it makes me stupid, and I’m not really the type to diet, but I am going to continue with cardio, add weight training, and work on late night eating in hopes of getting these pants to fit properly again. Hopefully in seven weeks, but I can be flexible.

Phew, it’s time for me to get going and go lift some upper body weights!

What motivates you to stay fit?


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