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A Notebook is All You Need

January 24, 2010

For the past 13 days I’ve been doing something my fellow life coach Jenny Shih recommended. I’ve been writing down the life I want as though I already have it. In fact, when we chatted a couple of weeks ago, it became plain to both of us that I spend too much time thinking about what I want, and it makes sense to me that this is just attracting more want to me,  not attracting the good life stuff.

So, I bought myself a cheap notebook and got to work. I write for probably at least ten minutes a day. Honestly, I lose track of the time because it is so much fun to do this exercise! I write things like, “My business is flowing so well; clients and opportunities come to me from places I’d never expect. I wake up each and every morning excited and happy.” I don’t just write about business stuff, I write about money and how it flows to me, my health and how strong and fit I am, and lately, about how I’m consistently authentic and real.

I am not kidding when I say this process is already working for me. For one, it just feels incredibly good to let my mind wander into these happy, joyful places. That, in turn, improves my whole outlook. Now when something happens that doesn’t feel very good in my world I think, “I need to write about how it is and the shift will come”. It seems to me that already opportunities, connections, a little bit of money, inspiration, and happiness have already come my way.

I strongly suggest you give this a whirl if you are looking to make some positive changes in your life but don’t know where to start.

Basic Instructions:

Get a notebook, something cheap that you don’t mind taking up a ton of space in (You could also do this on the computer, or, if writing isn’t your thing, in your head or in another creative form, like collage.)

Let your mind crawl all over the place and just write what feels good! Write “I have” and “I am” and “My life is” instead of “I want” or “I wish”, etc. Write it like it’s already in existence. Dream about the life you are heading towards! It doesn’t matter if you’re fuzzy on the specifics; just write about how good this (future) life feels to you! The details will fall into place over time.

Have fun. This is supposed to brighten your outlook and increase your energy. Relax with it, let it take you away to a happy existence, if only for ten minutes a day.

Dedicate at least 30 days to this process. I bought three notebooks and I think I’ll keep it up for longer than 30 days, but I would suggest one month as a minimum.
Good Luck!

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  1. January 24, 2010 5:13 pm

    I love that you’re sticking with it, Jen! It’s so inspiring to hear that you’re feeling a shift already and that it’s working so well. Makes me excited to keep my practice up, too!

  2. March 15, 2010 10:13 pm

    Creative outlets are key for inner peace!


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