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Fun and Manageable (?) Goals for 2010

December 29, 2009

It’s New Year’s Resolution time.

“I’m going to lose 114 pounds by February 22nd!”

“I’m going to quit smoking cigarettes and crack this year!”

“I’m going to get my ex-girlfriend to love me again!”

“I’m going to learn how to perform Lasik eye surgery in my basement!”

“I’m going to give up gambling and hookers!”

“I’m going to get a new job that doesn’t involve bleach or pliers!”

All good intentions, but usually extreme resolutions like these get swept under the rug by about February 1st. That’s why this year I’m setting some fun, manageable goals, plus trying to follow through with one really wacky idea.

Fun and Manageable goal one:

Run the ING Georgia Half Marathon in 2:10:00 or less.

The half mary is on March 21, 2010. In fact, I need to officially register for it before the end of the year to save money on the registration fee, which goes up January 1st.

Perhaps running a half marathon doesn’t sound like a fun and manageable goal for you. Well, for me it is: I ran a half marathon back in 2006, which took me about 2:21:06. Since then have realized that to run a faster race I needed better gear, better fueling, and to give myself a long time to train. It also helps if I have zombies chasing me. I started training for this half marathon back in mid October, and I have to say, having a fitness goal that has nothing to do with calories burned or weight lost is absolutely wonderful.

Even if you aren’t up for something as involved as training to run 13.1 miles, you can set a fitness goal. Realistic, please. If you haven’t gotten off your couch since 1992, something simple, like getting a pedometer and walking 1000 steps a day is a good start. If, like me, you’re already an exercise junkie and want to tackle a bigger goal, go for it! But do your research and don’t take on anything that will put a huge strain on your body or mind; that’s why extreme resolutions fail.

Fun and manageable goal two:

Travel as much as possible.

This has been a goal of mine every single year since about 2002. In 2009 I went to Florida, California, New York, Chicago, and South Carolina. The budget didn’t exactly fit an international trip, and it probably won’t in 2010, either (but I hope it will in 2011!) However, Anthony and I are headed to California for three weeks this winter, and that trip will include San Francisco, Big Sur, some sort of Redwood viewing, Death Valley National Park, wineries, museums, and whatever else we can cram in. I can’t wait! I’m also hoping to go to New York, Connecticut, the beach, and any other place that comes to mind.

Travel is possible for anyone. I have never, ever made tons of money, yet I have been to most of the states in this country (including Hawaii, twice), New Zealand, and Canada (multiple times). Travel is a priority for me and therefore I somehow find the money for it. I believe this is possible for anyone. For me hair color, bikini waxes, hand bags, new shoes, and manicures are not musts, but I bet if they were I’d find money for them, too.

What’s important to you and what do you want more of? Find a way to make it happen in 2010.

Fun and manageable goal number three: Oh my gosh this always causes me so much trouble and I hope this year I can overcome it goal:

Get straight with money and STOP WORRYING about it!!!

Ugh. Money. Nope, I’m not in debt (unless you count my mortgage) and I never have been. I’m a ridiculously budget-minded person (unless you count travel) to the point that it drives me crazy. This year was a tough one for me, as it was the first year of my life coaching business. I had to use up quite a bit of savings and money worries took up more of my brain power than I would have liked. I want this year to be different.

Worrying about money, or anything, for that matter, does not make it any better. In fact, worrying about it makes it so much worse. I can say with complete trust that I will always have what I need: shelter, food, water, cat food, underwear, a hot shower, running shoes, the Internet, chocolate, a running vehicle, etc. I have had these things for my entire life (okay, the Internet wasn’t even around until I was 15) and I have no reason to think they’ll disappear this year.

Sigh. Yet I still think about them way too much. My goal (not resolution!) is to relax about money. To relax and enjoy life. To take it one day at a time. Do I have enough cat food and chocolate to last today? Great.

I know the planner part of me will want to make sure there is enough money in my bank account to cover ye olde mortgage payment, and that’s okay. I just don’t want to obsess over it. I want to relax.

How do I plan to do this? The only thing I can think of at the moment is that I’m going to pray/meditate/journal about it every single morning until it becomes my new thought process. A mantra perhaps, “I have faith and trust that I will have everything that I need”.

What do you want to relax about this year?

No matter what you decide to take on doe 2010, make it something that will truly benefit you and your Essential Self. Your life is for you, no one else. Make it a great year!

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  1. December 30, 2009 7:43 am

    Great goals (and fake ones too – they made me laugh 😉

    Good luck on the half-marathon! How’s the training going? I’m going to sign up for one in May 🙂


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