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I Am A Potato

October 5, 2009

I’m a potato. I came home the day after Thanksgiving. That’s right, the day after. Which means I didn’t get to be part of the feast. Which means I have been wandering around ever since trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be. Mashed? Boiled? Baked? Fried? Au Gratined? Scalloped? Yoga teacher?

I keep hoping when I grow more eyes I will be able to see better, you know? Not physically, but mentally. I’m not sure why they’d be related, but it sounded like a good idea when I thought of it.

For the last week I have been growing more eyes, but it’s been a really tough time. First of all, the more eyes I grow, the less likely it is that I’ll ever be used for the purpose I thought I would be. I’m probably going to be on my own here;  no one’s going to make me into dinner for their family or guests, which is the ultimate goal of your average potato. So that gives me a sense of freedom, but is  scary at times, too.

And also, I have been seeing quite a bit more about myself lately, whether you want to give credit to the newly sprouted eyes or not. I see that I’ve been dreaming too small. I see that I keep reaching for what I think I could achieve, not what I truly want to achieve. I see that I spend too much time worrying about where I came from and where I’m going instead of just being present.

That’s my  new motto, actually, “I am a potato, and I am present”. I was playing around with a few different mottos, “Potato, present”, “I’m a spud and I’m living in the now”, “Root vegetables have more fun”, or “Peel me when you’re ready to see the truth”. I’m not even sure what most of those mean, but I’ve had quite a bit of time on my hands lately. Figuratively speaking, of course.

My new eyes have been itching to read, too. I’ve gathered some powerful information that I really think it going to help me. For instance, I’ve come to understand that we’re all going to the same place whether we’re sliced and sauteed, left on the compost heap, or gain fame after being featured in a timeless children’s game, only to be forgotten. We are all going the same place. And ultimately, it’s a peaceful and happy place to end up, so why not enjoy the ride??? Why not??? There is way too much grumbling in the potato community, in the cupboard, in my Mrs. Potato Head.It’s time to find peace.

I’ve also learned, through seeing and reading, that my over-thinking over everything is not me, but my mind. You’d think a potato wouldn’t have much to think about, but you’d be wrong. We’re just like everyone else. Worrying about getting to our destination safely, wondering if anyone will pick us, hoping we end up with something to write home about. I don’t want it anymore. I want peace and presence and quiet.

To sum up what I’ve learned and what I want to be: I create my life, and so does everyone else. You might be in the nightshade family, like me, or you might be from a completely different world. It doesn’t matter; you create your reality. I am going to create a beautiful reality, and even though I don’t know exactly what it is yet, I’m going to enjoy getting there. I’m not going to be afraid to dream big. I’m just as good as every other potato out there. I’m equal to my neighbor and so are you. I’m going to remind myself to live in the now, even if I have to remind myself every day until I hit the roasting pan. Mmm, roasting pan.

I may be a potato, but I know what I know. Eat your veggies and smile.

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  1. October 7, 2009 8:41 pm

    I loved this post!! I think I will tell myself that too “I am a potato, I am present”. At the very least it will make me smile 🙂

  2. October 13, 2009 1:00 am

    Man, I would love to get some more posts about this topic. Thanks alot.

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