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Still Going…

September 27, 2009

I suppose today would be day five of abundant thinking. I hope to do a better job today than I did yesterday. I wouldn’t say I failed miserably on day four, no, I’d say I just didn’t really think about abundance very much.

I do know I was excited on Friday, day three, because I made about 13 cents writing for Yup, that’s me: excited over a few pennies!

Back to yesterday. We went out and about in the rain. Saw a movie, looked for new shoes. Anthony even offered to buy me a new pair of light hikers, which I desperately need. I didn’t get any yet, but that was nice of him. Though I couldn’t help but think I should get them myself to open up the flow of money.

Do you remember a few months ago when I bought that painting? I felt completely blocked about spending money, and when I finally broke through and bought the piece, I really did feel joyful and alive. I’m having a harder time now…building a business is not always easy, and sometimes I’m not sure where to turn next.

But I don’t want to start focusing on what I don’t have, I’d rather focus on what I DO have. Today I made my daily Wordle, and you’ll be shocked at what the big themes were, ha ha. Check it out.

As I was typing, I noticed that quite a few of things I desire require no money whatsoever. I wrote about wanting to meditate more…well, that certainly doesn’t require any monetary exchange! There are plenty of things I can do.

I still need to meditate and pray on abundance, plus think about how to spend my 100 dollars, so I’ll be back later.

Be Joyful!

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  1. September 27, 2009 1:05 pm

    HA, I would also be in ecstasy at making a few cents!!!

    I’m loving the wordles btw!!

    I’m thinking of doing this thing that my friend told me about… You make a list of 101 things and you have 1001 days to do it… sounds kinda fun doesn’t it? 😀

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