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Being Abundant on Day Two

September 24, 2009

Yesterday was a glorious and abundant day for me. I was in a wonderful mood and the following things, that I believe fall under the heading of abundance, came my way:

  • I ran into a friend unexpectedly and had a walking partner for my jaunt around the lake
  • I was invited to a belly dancing class and will go next week!
  • I was accepted to write for Examiner
  • I had plenty to eat
  • I had plenty of love

I did meditate yesterday and also practiced joyful thoughts of abundance while I walked.

Today has been harder. I woke up with that familiar wish: to be a zillionaire. Not so, said my bank accounts.

Then I read one of my favorite blogs. Caitlin, the author of this blog, announced today that she’s quitting her full time job to write. Because she got a book deal. To write a book about a movement called Operation Beautiful that she started. Less than six months ago.

I was immediately both thrilled for her and sad for me. I recognized that the way to attract good things to me is definitely not to focus on jealousy of what others have, rather, to look to their example and say, “Hey, I’d like some of that, too!”

After I spent some time meditating and thinking about how much abundance and prosperity there really is available to me, I made my Wordle of the day. It’s rather obvious that I was thinking about all the opportunities that have come and are coming my way. It’s so fun to type exactly what I’m feeling and desiring from the Universe and to see it in a new way once I make a Wordle out of it.

Today is only day two, and I see already that I quickly fall off the wagon of “There is plenty, there is plenty, there is plenty”. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m going to keep telling myself there is. I absolutely know there is, but sometimes I forget. Okay, I forget at least once a day. Once an hour? That’s more like it. That’s why I set this challenge for myself in the first place, though! I want to increase my vibrational alignment so I get to that abundant place permanently. And then I plan on teaching every single person I can to do the exact same thing.

It’s time for me to decide the ten different ways I’d like to spend my $100 today. This might get racy, ’cause I really need some new undies and I like my undergarments pretty, not boring.

  1. I like the Dream Angels Demi Bra – and they’re 48 bucks a piece, so I’ll take two: One violet/cherub and one nude/cherub (lol, I’ll take one nude cherub, please!)
  2. Ooh, I’ll take two of the Body Wick adjustable Sculpt Bras, too. They’re sports bras. I’ll take black and purple.
  3. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I want some of the Soft and Stretchy Lace Hip Hugger Panties…though by the looks of the girl modeling them, these underwear are not for those of us with well-rounded behinds, but I’m still going to say I want them. I can afford nine pairs with my money, so I’ll take one in each color except the lime green.
  4. I want a pair of these. (Hey, I live an abundant life, I can spend my money on whatever I want!)
  5. I’ll take two Stretch Cotton Rib Sweater dresses, one chocolate, one black.
  6. Moving on from fashion, I’ll take Anthony out to dinner at the Chef’s Table. If there’s money leftover a movie and possibly ice cream will be included on our dream date.
  7. A new cover for the futon. It’s over three years old and I think an update would be nice, probably with a little more color.
  8. Lots of candles. And matches. I like lighting candles but sometimes feel guilty for “using them up”. Screw that! I’d get scented ones from Yankee Candle. My favorite smells as a kid were the lemon one and the pine one. I’d look for something fall inspired as well, like pumpkin spice or toilet-papered front door.
  9. A piece of artwork. Maybe a small painting? Something original and local. Maybe something by the amazing local artist who sculpts out of metal, Grace Cathey.
  10. At least one, maybe two, new purses. Something I can wear over my shoulder that has plenty of pockets and isn’t too huge. Yay, I like that idea, my current purse has seen better days…

Interesting. I’m not used to thinking about spending money AT ALL, so it can be difficult for me to actually think of things that I want. I’m working on that, though.

I stand by this project. I am increasing my abundance every day. Have you started feeling abundant yet?

Be Joyful!

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