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Finding It

September 19, 2009

So this morning a couple things happened that made me feel a little…off.  Well, lucky me, I now know that when I’m feeling less-than-spectacular it’s time to focus on how I DO want to feel, as opposed to wallowing in how crappy things feel.

I know the very best way for me to feel better is to imagine what I want, how I want to feel, what things would be happening in my ideal life, etc. For some reason today I wasn’t sure how to express that, but then I got an idea!

I went back to the wonderful and started typing away. I’ve been doing some great things lately to market myself, but sometimes I don’t attract exactly the type of client I’m looking for. But, as my mom pointed out, sometimes it’s good that we get what we don’t want, because it makes us focus that much more on what we DO want.

So that’s what I typed out: exactly what I want in a client.  I wrote out a few paragraphs of the perfect client for me and what characteristics the ideal client has. The result is below; click the image for a larger picture of it.

Wordle: What I want in a client

“Want” came up as the very biggest thing, and I see that joy, work, positive, open, humor, love, and attract all were very large in my piece.

Somehow I felt that typing this up would put it out into the Universe. I was able to focus on exactly what I wanted without worrying about it. I was able to dream about exactly what I want. Perhaps you think I should just be thankful to attract any client at all to myself, and of course I am. The key is, however, to have clients who really are on the same page is me – it’s better for them and it’s better for me.

I want my clients to have a wonderful experience when they engage in life coaching with me. I want them to feel as though our time together has  moved them in a positive direction, and I want them to really get something out of our time together. Hey, look, there I go again, putting my desires out into the Universe. Go me!

Now I desire a nice shower because I recently finished cleaning the refrigerator and toilet. Not at the same time.

Be Joyful!

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