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Get Off The Escalator

September 7, 2009

Yesterday I went back to the Creative Thought Center for their Celebration of Life. I officially love this place! They really are right up my alley in terms of beliefs, spirituality, friendliness, fashion (as in, I can wear jeans when I go to Sunday service!)

Oddly, I ran into a woman I’ve met one time before who I was just thinking of recently, and it turned out her husband was the guest speaker! He’s a life coach and motivational speaker, so of course I was excited to hear what he had to say.

He shared with us this video. Did you click on it? Go watch it. Come back when you’re done.

I’m assuming you watched the video, but if you didn’t: it’s two people riding up an escalator. Midway through their ride the escalator stops! You’d expect them to walk right on up and get off the escalator, but instead they yell for help, express frustration, and complain. Huh, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Maybe a little bit like your own life?

All they have to do is take a few steps, and they’re free! They can make their appointments on time, they can get on with their lives. Instead they choose to stay exactly where they are; to blame their lack of movement on everything but themselves.

Sometimes all it takes to move forward is to take a step. In fact, looking back you’ll probably think, “that was SO obvious, I can’t believe I spent so much time in the exact same place, thinking I was unable to go anywhere”.

This really struck me yesterday, especially in relationship to me growing my business. I have felt stuck lately, not sure what else I’m supposed to do to attract more clients, not wanting to necessarily take any steps, wanting things to come to me. But there are probably many, many simple steps I can take to move forward. I just have to start moving.

Does this relate to you? In what area in your life are you feeling stuck? What steps can you take to get off the escalator?

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  1. September 8, 2009 2:01 pm

    haha i have been to dollywood it rocks!

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