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Me and Mondays

August 10, 2009

I wonder if my lack of enthusiasm on Mondays is a throw back to the golden olden days of yore when I worked a lame desk job?

My first coaching appointment wasn’t until noon and I found every excuse in the world to do anything but blog beforehand. I not only ran a couple miles, I also did level one of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Then I folded laundry. And went to the grocery store. And cleaned dishes.

What gives? I love blogging! I love doing anything coach or writing-related, yet I still found a way to put it off. Why? My conclusion: I’ve put too much on my plate. No, I’m not talking about my lunch of an omelet and three (three!) pancakes at IHOP yesterday, though that certainly qualified as too much on my plate, too;  I’m talking about my “Get this done before you go to the beach in September, dagnabit!” list.

Last week I got all gung-ho and made a pretty lengthy plan for what I wanted to accomplish prior to our jaunt to the South Carolina Coast. The idea was that I’d do a bunch of things to get my name out even more in the community and hopefully draw some new clients to my door. Or phone, I guess.

However, thinking about that list of things to do was something I did not want to do this morning. And it took me until about 12:30 to realize that the reason I didn’t feel like doing anything today, even things I love to do, is because I’ve put way too much pressure on myself!

But enough about me, right? What does this mean for you?

1. Lists are great, but only when there are three things on them. I love love love checking things off a list. The thing is, unless the tasks are super duper easy, and possibly things I’d be doing anyways (get up, breathe, eat breakfast, pet Nola, email my mother, breathe some more, dance around living room semi-clothed), they can be totally overwhelming.

My suggestion: keep your list short. No, shorter. Keep it to three things. On three additional pieces of paper you can put a header with each big thing from your main list and the little tasks you need to do to complete each major thing beneath it. But keep those lists short, too.

Yes, there are things you need to get done, but if your list overwhelms you, it’s likely you’re going to find every excuse you can to avoid even starting. Trim it down!

2. Add in some fun or you will end up bald. I want to pull my hair out and/or take a very long nap when I’ve got too many tasks in my immediate future. What helps, besides shortening the big list, is adding in stuff that is fun.

For instance, today I want to email some editors about writing for their publications. That’s not a terrible task, but it’s not super exciting, either. Each time I send one, though, I get to go online and do something I want to do, like catch up on celebrity gossip, email my friends, or go on twitter.

Rewards and bribing are not for children and government officials alone, no, they are very helpful in getting you to write the Obermann report, too.

3. Insert your own good suggestion here. Everybody’s different. Think about your history with getting big piles of crap done. Do you put it off forever? Do you get it done before your morning watercooler break? You’ve got to do what works for you.

What helps you get it done?

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  1. August 10, 2009 4:00 pm

    Jen, I also find it funny that the more we try to do, the less we get done.

    I recently started doing 2 things to help me get through the to-dos: 1.taking things off my list, and 2. doing something fun instead.

    It was helpful to hear your ideas!

  2. August 10, 2009 8:51 pm

    i like your short list suggestion – i get overwhelmed with long ones!!!

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