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Future Me

July 14, 2009

Today while I was taking a shower I was mulling over my recent lack of spark and desire to do anything besides read. Whilst in the shower I got a good idea, and I must have run with it, because I’m still sitting in my towel and have dripping wet hair.

Here’s how it went down: In the shower I was thinking that I am not getting much done, don’t have much motivation, and then I started wondering if I was being too hard on myself. I decided I was. Many, many times in my past life (as Jen Trinque, I don’t know about my other past lives, maybe I never lost my mojo when I was living in the Wild West or eating bugs in Africa) I have also gone through phases where I didn’t tap into my essential energy.

However, for some reason now that I’m building a business and not making tons of money, I look at it differently. Even when I was miserable at my job I was bringing home a paycheck, so my lack of creativity and energy didn’t bother me quite the same way. Or perhaps it was because my soul was being sucked right out of me, and I didn’t even notice my mojo was missing.

Yet I’m getting off the topic here. In the shower I thought about what was happening (um, not happening) and how I am really hoping for some inspiration this weekend at the Martha Beck Coaches Convention. Unless I’m in a coma all weekend, I think it will be impossible to not be completely and utterly inspired by the experience. I need help sorting out what my niche is. I’m still struggling with that. I want to help people, but I need a clear path so I can attract the type of people that I can truly help.

There I go again, getting away from my story. So I was in the shower, thinking about goals and goal-setting and where I want to be. Then I remembered the website When you go to the home page you pick a date in the future to receive an email you’ve written to yourself (it can’t be next week; as they say, they’re not an on-line calendar) or someone else. I’ve already done this before and when I received the email I wrote to myself in the past I was quite surprised and it actually made me feel really good. So in the shower today I thought, “why not write a letter to myself that I’ll receive exactly one year from today, which will cover where I think I’ll be and what I’ll have accomplished.”

It was really fun and got me totally inspired! I made a list of six broad things with some details, such as wanting to be in a new house, the way my coaching practice would be going, where I’d be with writing and creativity, and more. See, I’ve already forgotten all that I put in my email! Getting excited about the future made me feel so good. I am still feeling increased energy and happiness now.

I figure that writing down my desires does quite a few positive things for me. It puts my requests out into the Universe. It puts me in a happy mood so that I’m more likely to do the things that will bring my desired outcomes to me. It lets me imagine where my life will be, which is hard because I often get stuck just thinking about next week.

Oh, I know one of the things I mentioned was getting out more, taking classes, etc. Previously I mentioned I signed up for a pottery class that was to start yesterday, but that was canceled. As soon as I got done sending my “future me” email, I checked my in-box and I’d gotten a message from the woman who owns the clay shop, saying that if I wanted to join up with the clay class that starts tomorrow, I could, because there had been a cancellation! See? Putting it out there really does set the wheels in motion. Next time you’re feeling a lack of mojo and spark, try sending yourself a future email, too, about your goals and dreams for the next year! You’ll feel rejuvenated. Or at the very least you will have killed ten minutes at work. It’s win-win.

Be Joyful!

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