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Reaching For A Better Thought

July 1, 2009

If you read my daily gratitude today, you know that I was feeling kinda bummed this morning. Unlike some of the experiences of my past, however, I was able to snap out of my mood pretty quickly. No, I don’t feel like I’m walking on air like I did when I woke up this morning, but I feel much, much better.

How did I get here? By reaching for a better thought. If you know anything about Jerry and Esther Hicks and their Law of Attraction books, you may be familiar with this concept. The whole idea is that if you feel crappy, you’re going to attract more crappy into your life. (And if you feel awesome, you’re going to attract more awesome!) You feel crappy because you’re thinking thoughts that cause you to have icky feelings. If you change your thought just a little bit, to something better, you’ll feel a little better. When you feel a little better, more good situations will find their way to you. Eventually, if you keep going for better and better thoughts, your life should be one non-stop party of joy and love and rainbows and unicorns and apple pie. Or something like that.

This morning after Anthony told me he wouldn’t be leaving today to come home, I felt sad. And also sorry for myself, disappointed, and also kinda annoyed, thinking things like, “he could leave today if he really wanted to”. Yuck! I’m embarrassed to even blog about these things! Thank goodness I quickly nipped all that junk in the bud! How did I do that? By reaching for better feeling thoughts, of course!

Here are some of the things that crossed my mind:

  • If Anthony is tired, it’s better that he make the 12 hour drive tomorrow, when he’s more alert
  • He’s been away 12 weeks, one more day won’t hurt!
  • Maybe something would have happened to him if he left today, this could be a Universal intervention
  • I have more time to clean the bathroom!
  • The cats have one more night of sleeping on his side of the bed
  • He should be home in time for dinner tomorrow!
  • We still have a wonderful three day weekend together before he goes back to work!

See, I’m already even more excited writing these things down! The other thing I did was to continue my hour of silence per day. Today I sat on my front porch and rocked in a rocker with one of my cats on my lap. It’s warm and breezy out, with a few puffy clouds drifting on the blue of the sky. I have a giant tree in my front yard and chimes on my front porch, and they whispered some beautiful things to me as the wind moved past them.

Then I had a coaching session and my client was feeling fantastic! That’s what I want to hear: that people are feeling good. She’s leaving her old life behind and finding herself again. Sharing positive vibes with someone feels like the same thing as reaching for a better thought to me, and that session left me feeling even better.

Surprisingly, even pessimism can be a “better” thought, depending on how you’re feeling. At our very lowest we feel depressed and dis-empowered, and it’s silly to think we can reach for a thought like, “the world is a beautiful place and all of my dreams will come true tomorrow!” Instead, a better thought and feeling for someone who feels completely depressed might be filled with anger or even revenge; at least some of their power is returning to them. The idea isn’t to stay in an angry place, though, the idea is to use the angry place as a jumping-off point for an even better feeling thought, like hope. And then you just keep reaching and reaching.

What better feeling thought can you reach for? Just try it, you  might like it!

Be Joyful!

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  1. July 2, 2009 3:30 am

    I really love your post! Our day lightens when we reach for the better thought. It gives us a positive outlook on things and creates a positive atmosphere.

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