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Furry Subject

June 15, 2009

After my triumphant post on Saturday, any other blog entry seems as though it will fall flat in comparison, especially if I try to blog about some deep issue. Which is why I’ve decided, for today’s post, to go in a different direction.

A very furry direction. One that makes my eyes itch.

I’ve frequently thought to myself, “When I write my memoirs, they’re going to be called My Life is Covered in Cat Hair“. I’ve also frequently thought, “Why was I born with such big eyebrows?”, but that is neither here nor there.

Since I am a fun-loving-kick-butt-29 year old, here’s how I spent my Sunday afternoon:

  • Watching episodes of Season 4 of Lost on-line
  • While wearing my cat-hair-covered bathrobe
  • Brushing my cat

Hot, right?  But check this out:

I'm going to weave a cell phone case out of this

I'm going to weave a cell phone case out of this

What is wrong with my cat?? This came off of her in one four-minute brushing session! She looks normal, right?

Does she look excessively hair to you?

Does she look excessively hairy to you?

I’ve often pondered how I can get my cats, Nola and Coconut, to start contributing to the mortgage payments, and I think I’ve found my way: I’m going to lease Coconut out to a sheep farm.  Cat fur would be just as useful for making sweaters and stuff as lamb’s wool, right?

Or maybe I’d make more money making items out of the excess cat fur myself.  This is what I’ve thought of so far:

  • Hats
  • Mittens
  • Kittens
  • Lining for coats
  • Sweaters for goats
  • As mentioned above, cell phone cases
  • Socks
  • Fabric for the book cover of my memoirs
  • Clothing for underprivileged youth
  • Panty Liners

Yes, I’ve officially taken it too far, so I’m going to stop writing now. Thank goodness I have three clients to coach today so I can get back on track with my real work, helping people find their purpose in life (maybe I can talk them into helping me with my new product line? Kidding).

Be Joyful!

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  1. June 16, 2009 4:39 pm

    I loved this post. It’s light and fun! I’m allergic to cats, but I can still totally relate because I have two dogs. Two furry creatures that shed. Did you know there are some online companies that will spin your pet fur into yarn for you? They exist, really! But they are also super duper expensive, or at least too expensive for me.

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