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I Did It

June 13, 2009

Guys, I did it. This morning, first thing, I blogged about my resistant feelings to spending money on something I truly wanted but that wasn’t practical.

I went for a walk and tried to figure out how I could help myself. I did realize that in addition to write my gratitude and future gratitude lists each morning that I should start listing things I deserved.  As in, “I deserve to live a financially comfortable life”, “I deserve to have a life filled with love and joy”, “I deserve to have nice clothes to wear”, etc.

I got distracted away from those thoughts by a phone call and errands I had to run, but fate intervened along the way.  Each Saturday morning I talk to a good friend and fellow coach; we take turns coaching each other through issues.  It’s wonderful to be life coached for free, but I have paid for it in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to pay for it again! At any rate, today it was my turn to coach her and it was fabulous; coaching makes me feel so happy and alive, especially when I’m directing people towards achieving their deepest purpose, that seems to be my specialty!

After I was finished coaching her she asked if there was anything I wanted to be coached on; since I’d had my trip and potpourri event a couple weeks ago, we hadn’t talked in a while.  My buddy, Kat, is fabulous when it comes to coaching around money, so I knew I had to talk about my dilemma to her.

What happened was amazing! Through my conversation with her I realized that the list of goals I’d written last year, the one I blogged about yesterday that said I’d achieved almost everything on my list?  I realized while talking to her that the only two goals I hadn’t reached had to do with money. Owning a bigger home?  Need money for that. Being paid to write? Related to my overall vibration of feeling not worth getting paid for what I do. Yowzas!

The other thing that happened when she coached me was that I could physically feel a door inside of me shut when we talked about me spending money.  I always feel energy flowing through me when I coach, when I write, when I make art, when I love, when I walk, etc, but when I think about spending money my energy just shuts down. I get afraid.  As she reminded me, money is just another form of energy, and if I don’t let it leave I’m not letting it flow through me.

It was clear to me at that point: I had to buy that painting.

As soon as we got off the phone I dialed the artist, Stephen’s, number. I had memorized it yesterday at lunch. He answered and we talked for a few minutes. He was so grateful that I wanted to buy a painting.  He explained that he and his “lady friend” are expecting a child in late July and she waits tables and he is a janitor, yet he needs to paint, since he loves it so much.  He was so excited about my impending purchase! We agreed to meet, me with cash in hand, about 20 minutes later.

Get this: when I hung up the phone I laughed.  Out loud. I was so full of joy I couldn’t contain myself! I hopped in the shower, got dressed, and hopped in my truck. I listened to the radio full blast and laughed some more. I went to the ATM and took the funds out of my business (life coaching) account, because I want to start seeing more energy (money) flowing through this aspect of my life. I took out $260 since I could only take out 20’s.

I drove to the coffee house and waited a few minutes for Stephen to show up.  When he did we shook hands and he continued to thank me, he was just so happy and grateful that someone bought something.  In fact, when I gave him the money I said, “This is $260. Just keep the extra ten and buy a book for your baby.” He patted me on the back, we shook hands again, and I walked out with my painting.  And then I laughed again.

Want proof that I actually did this?  Here it is:

This is it!

This is it!

This is my bedroom!

This is my bedroom!

Me and my painting! I really brought it home!

Me and my painting! I really brought it home!

I hung it next to my side of the bed. I will see it every day when I wake up.  My intention is to see it when I wake and for it to remind me that the Universe will take care of me. I can let money and energy flow through me. I can give away my money, my time, my energy, and it will all keep flowing back to me and through me.

I feel great.  I feel alive. I feel rich.

Be Joyful!

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  1. June 13, 2009 3:16 pm

    Good for you! I can see why yo like the painting, too – the tree is looks very solid and strong, unwavering (like your decision!). Love it.

  2. Kat Weitzel permalink
    June 13, 2009 6:37 pm

    Way to go! Doors and windows are opening to allow all that you wish for to flow thru. WooHoo!

  3. June 13, 2009 9:56 pm

    LOL, omg, I love your blog! Your perspective is fabulous. Resonates well with me. 🙂

    And I adore that painting. It is simply gorgeous. Good for you for getting it!


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