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Gratituture Journal

May 23, 2009

Recipe for Gratituture


  • A splish-splash of desires
  • The ability to put what you want on paper


Today I had a really good idea.  Or at least I thought it was a really good idea.  You know the other day I blogged about gratitude journals? And I also blogged about visualizations and affirmations? Well today, when I was writing in my own gratitude journal, I was grateful for what popped into my head: the gratituture journal.

Actually, I thought of that silly title just now, when I started blogging, but what I did think was, “Wow, a nap would be great right now”.  And then right after that I thought, “Hey! I should write my list of 15 things I’m grateful for, but write down things I want that I don’t have yet! Therefore hopefully activating my positive thoughts and vibrations in the direction of achieving those things.”  That may not exactly have been how it went down either, but this is the plan:

Write your regular list of 10 or 15 things you’re already grateful for.  Then, write down an additional list of all the things you’re grateful for, but pretend it’s the future and you already have things you currently wish for.

For instance, my regular gratitude journal today gave thanks for:

  • One of my coaching buddies
  • The positive shift in my energy
  • Library and free books
  • My writing skills
  • My journal

And the list went on until I reached 15 items.

Then I wrote down my second list, which I believe is basically affirming that these things will come to me, I just have to put it out there and believe they’ll happen.  Some of the items were:

  • My abundant prosperity
  • The success of my first book
  • The amazing success of my blog
  • My perfect health

And on and on.  Right now I consider myself prosperous in the soul but want to open and be more prosperous financially.  I don’t have a book yet, and I’m really just getting going with blogging seriously, but those are both things that I hope will be successes for me in the future.  I do have great health, but I don’t think it hurts to be thankful for it in the “future”, either.

My suggestion would be to think of some things you want, that you might already say affirmations about, and start incorporating them into a future gratitude journal.  When you write down that you’re already thankful for them I believe it will get you excited about actually having them…and then you will!

Be Joyful!


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