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Hold On Loosely

May 21, 2009

Recipe for Creating Your Best Life


  • A glob of intention
  • A dash of attention
  • A whole bushel of no tension
  • Some .38 Special Lyrics
  • One Hamster


Remember these four words: intention, attention, no tension.

I first heard them when watching a DVD of  Martha Beck’s Steering By Starlight telecourse.

I’ve heard and read all sorts of information on the “intention” part of the equation before; using intention to design our lives creates the best possible experience.

However, I’d never heard any mention of the “attention” or “no tension” segments until the aforementioned DVD.

I decided to look further into the concept, because I know that when I start putting forth intention I certainly also give it attention, but I would say I’m pretty bad at the no tension part.

Doing a quick Google search brought me The Passion Test website. Sounds weird, right?  Like some kooky test you’d take in Cosmopolitan to see if you and your latest lover are compatible?  Not so, apparently.

The site is all about aligning yourself with your right life, and they give the “3 Keys to Living Your Life Purpose” as follows:

Intention means consciously stating what you choose to create in your life. We all are creating our lives all the time. It’s just that most people do it unconsciously. They believe that things are happening TO them, and as a result, that’s what they create. The Passion Test process allows you to clarify your intentions so that you can begin living them.

Attention – “What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.” In The Passion Test we say that “Action engages attention.” Taking whatever action you can think to take in support of following your passions keeps your attention engaged in living those passions. Your Passion Cards are another one of the tools from The Passion Test to help you keep your passions nearby so they are in your awareness when you have to make decisions.

No Tension – This is the element many people miss. There are two aspects to “no tension.” The first is to perform action from that state of calmness and peace inside. Developing that habit of living from a state of inner peace is why Transcendental Meditation® ( has been such an important part of our lives.

Once you have done all you can think to do, then let go. When you hold on to your own ideas of how your passions will get fulfilled, it’s like stepping on your own hose. The flow of infinite intelligence is cut off. In our experience, you can’t know how fulfillment will show up in your life. This is why one of the seven keys to living a passionate life in Chapter 7 of the book is: “Stay Open.”

I was inspired to research this subject further and write this post after a session with a client recently.  She is trying to expand her circle of knowledge and increase her capacity to work from home, but was feeling worried about the outcome.   As we discussed things, we talked about the idea of holding on loosely, which of course automatically makes me think of the .38 Special song of the same name, especially the chorus:

Just Hold On Loosely, but don’t let go

If you cling too tight babe,

you’re gonna loose control

I will say I don’t often call my clients “babe”, but the basic concept of holding on to things too tightly and losing control really resonates with me.  Plus, if you hold to tightly this might happen:

squeezing-too-tight hamster

And with that, have a great day and be joyful!

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