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Visualization Bounty

May 17, 2009

Visualization Bounty


  • A big old bucket of desire to make a difference (in your own life)
  • A creative mind
  • A willing soul


Visualization is one of those things that I didn’t ever really think about.  I wasn’t an athlete growing up, although I did sometimes hear of coaching encouraging their pupils to visualize winning the race or besting their time.

Since that sort of life and those goals didn’t much appeal to me, I gave up the idea of visualization as something silly that I wouldn’t ever be doing.

As time has gone on however, I have become (slightly) more athletic in the body and certainly more athletic in the exercising of the soul.  I now believe that visualizations serve a beautiful purpose: letting us create visions for our own lives using the Law of Attraction and letting us bring those realities to us.

There are a number of different ways that I have tried visualizations and based on my own experiences and the information I’ve gained reading numerous books, I think the most important thing isn’t the method for the visualizing, but the feeling you get when doing the exercise.

I truly believe that when your chest opens, your heart sings with joy, and you feel truly alive, whatever you are thinking about or visualizing at that moment will come to you.  With one caveat: you’ve got to keep believing what you want to draw to you.  If you start doubting yourself, you’ll shut the door on that dream you just created for yourself.

Here are three of my favorite methods for visualizing an intended outcome.  Make sure that if you use any of them you think of things you really, genuinely want and can deeply feel coming towards you in your own life.

Method #1 Wildly Improbable Goals

This method was designed by Martha Beck and is included in her book Finding Your Own North Star.

Focus your intention on an activity that you like very much, something that makes your pulse quicken.  Picture what you would want to do with that activity, no matter how crazy it might sound (as long as it is something you genuinely would like to do).

For example, if the activity you love is running, your Wildly Improbable Goal might be to run in the Boston Marathon, or to lead a running group, or to run a race in a foreign country.

Think up a couple of these goals so you have two or three to work on at once. Now that you’ve listed them, you’re already putting the desire to have them out into the Universe.

This particular exercise does ask for a little more effort, however.  The next step is to list out everything you’d need to do to achieve these dreams.  In the case of the running WIG, you might list that you need to find a training program, buy running gear, ask around at work about other people who love running, and type up a list of the reasons you want to achieve this goal.

Once you’ve got the initial list, go ahead and write even more detailed steps for each section, and then even further details of each of those steps.  To take it one smidgen further, buy some magazines or go on line and gather together a whole mess of images that remind you of your goal, and paste them together on a big “vision board”.  Seeing the images, following the steps you’ve drafted, and feeling what it would be like to achieve this goal are pretty much guaranteed ways to make it come true.

Of course, if you make a plan and immediately set it aside for whatever lame-ass reasons you  might be thinking (I’m too old, I’m scared I can’t do it, good things never happen to me, my butt is too big) it WILL NOT come true.  You MUST continue to put forth positive energy into the vision of your dreams coming true in order for them to come to you.

Method #2 Law of Attraction Lists

I highly recommend reading The Law of Attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks (as told to them by Abraham, a spirit guide).

This book really spells out the whole “The Universe will bring you whatever you desire, as long as you put out the right kind of energy” theory.  One of my favorite exercises from the book is this method of bringing what you want to you.

Get a blank sheet of paper.  On the top of one side write down what it is you desire.  It could be that you want to stop biting your toenails.  It could be that you want enough money to buy your own island, complete with wild pony population.  It could be that you want to lose 10 pounds.

Once you’ve written the desire down, write all of the reasons why you want this to occur.  Don’t over think it, but get to a place where you really, truly feel like you’ve achieved this goal, and ask yourself why you want this.  Write down however many reasons come to you.

On the backside of the paper, write down all the reasons why you believe this will come true for you.  This one is tough, and not believing a dream will come true is the only reason it doesn’t.  If your dream was to lose 10 pounds, and you write down the reasons you want it, but start doubting you can do it when you write down the reasons you believe it will happen, it ain’t gonna happen.

Just keep trying.  Keep having faith that the Universe really, truly will bring you what you desire.  Write down why you want it, why you believe you will have it, and look over the list every single day, and while you’re doing so, remember to put yourself in a place where you know it is yours, where you are filled with joy and happiness knowing you can manifest whatever you want into your life.

Method #3 Good Old Affirmations

The last method is the tried and true affirmations method.  Using this method you simply visualize what you want, and repeat it over and over to yourself phrased in such a way to indicate that it is already yours.

For instance, you do not say, “I will meet the man of my dreams, and he will have minty fresh breath”.  You write down or say, “I am in a wonderful relationship with a man with the freshest breath!”.

Make a list or record yourself saying your list.  Read the list a few times daily, or listen to the recording a couple times daily.  While reading/listening, be sure to visualize and, say it with me now, feel what it is that you want.

With this particular exercise it’s important to act “as if”.  As if all that you desire is already in your life.  Once you’re done reading or listening, give thanks for all of the items, as though they have already made their way to you.

And that, my friends, is the recipe for some awesome stuff to brew up in your life.

Be Joyful!

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  1. May 18, 2009 1:44 pm

    Thanks I found this blog really useful, I’ll recommend it to friends.


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