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Book Stew

May 17, 2009

Recipe for Book Stew (extra spicy spirituality version)


  • One bookstore, used bookstore, or library (or friend’s giant bookcase)
  • A zest of zest
  • A handful of curiosity
  • Generous smattering of inspiration and a desire to find more of it


Find a time in your life when you’re yearning for something.  Knowledge, inspiration, education, or a good laugh.  For me, this is just about all the time!

Go to your local book-searching establishment (I love the public library, it’s free!) and open your heart and mind to being drawn to whatever calls to you.

Walk through the whole space, the fiction, non fiction, biographies, magazines, cook books, everything that draws you in.  I strongly believe you’ll feel a pull towards an article, a book, a DVD, something that wants to help you.

It could be an amazing autobiography of a woman who overcame the odds to become the world’s first tap-dancing pizza-dough-thrower.  Maybe it’s a book about the best way to get in touch with the present moment.  Maybe it’s an article about someone who started their own business, and it strikes a spark in you and before you know it you’re off and running with your own fantastic idea.

If you find yourself coming home from work every night and slumping in front of the TV, bored, lonely, disconnected, it’s time to get back to your true self.  Try turning off the TV for the night and disconnecting from the Internet, too.  Get some reading material that calls to you.  Turn on some quiet music.  Settle down with your reads and let the inspiration flow through you.

No, having a partner at home isn’t an excuse to skip out on this.  Why don’t you go to the bookstore together and each get something that calls out to your souls?  Imagine an evening spend reading together on the couch, where you can take ten minute breaks to share what you’re reading about.

Go find your inspiration today!

Be Joyful.

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