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Travel Truffles

May 15, 2009


  • One plan for travel
  • One open mind
  • One open heart


Follow my lead and have your make your own wonderful travel experience.

Ah, plane rides!

In April of 2009 I left the mountains of North Carolina and headed to Alameda, CA  to spend some time with a friend and her new baby. My body wasn’t completely happy with the time change, but I was so thankful to have had a safe trip for the adventurous life I am living.

I have to say, I think my more positive attitude and happy outlook on life means more and more wonderful experiences are drawn to me. Yesterday I met not one, not two, but three terrific people during my travels!

I have flown many times before; to Texas a couple times, to Hawaii twice, to New Zealand. In the past I’ve mostly flown with someone, although I have traveled alone before. Never have I been so open to conversation or had such a good trip.

The first leg of my flight was a short trip from Asheville, NC to Atlanta. I ended up sitting next to a young woman who turned out to be a year younger than me – but she had four kids between her own and her husband’s! She was flying home to Minnesota to her mom and we talked about relationships, her desire to go back to school, and the life she wanted to give her kids. When the flight was over we hung out together in the HUGE Atlanta airport to pass the time because she had a three hour layover to her next flight. We walked around, found our gates together so we both knew where we were going, and went to some stores. When it was time for me to board we even hugged goodbye!

I settled into my seat on the big plane (technical term) but within five minutes was asked to deplane – our departure time was being pushed back by two hours! Oh well, I got off, sat down on the floor in the gate area, and soon had struck up another conversation. The woman sitting next to me had a gorgeous little baby girl with a killer head of hair and I started off by asking her how old the baby was, since I was on my way out to see my friend’s six-week old. Again, from that starting point we covered all sorts of things – her first child who is in college, her second marriage to a man in the military, how hard it is to be away from home, how they’re heading to Germany soon, what it was like when her hubby was gone in Iraq for 14 months. The time until we were ready to get back on the plane flew by, and I was thrilled by my good luck in finding such open people to speak with.

When I got on the plane for the second time, I was disappointed when an older gentleman sat next to me; I thought the end of my fun conversations had come. Boy was I wrong! As soon as he got settled he stuck out his hand and introduced himself, and we talked on and off for the rest of our flight! He had a Coast Guard background and his son is in the Coast Guard, and we was stationed in New London, CT, for a while. That meant something to me because I was born in that town and it was only 15 minutes from where I grew up! On top of that, the friend I’m visiting is currently without her husband because he’s out to sea. Because he’s in the Coast Guard.

I couldn’t even begin to cover everything we talked about on this flight, subjects ranged from babies to relationships to membership in the Mile High Club – one of us was a member and it sure as heck isn’t me! When we landed in San Francisco I thanked him for the great conversation and within minutes was in my friend’s car, headed to the Golden Gate Bridge, which we walked across! My trip here has barely started and it’s already been amazing. I am so thankful for this life. When I look at all the little things that make it up, it is so incredible. I think I thought I always had to be doing something, accomplishing something, for my life to “count”. That’s just not true, though. Each and every day can be an adventure, and I love this adventure I’m part of.

Be Joyful!

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